Montessori How-To: Peace Corner & Calming Jar

Have you often thought about starting a peace corner in your home? We have created this simple straightforward guide to help you get started and even included the step-by-step instructions for you to make your own calming jar at home with your kiddos! What is the purpose of a peace corner? The purpose of a peace corner […]


Montessori How-To: Color Mixing Wheel

Many young children enjoy expressing themselves through artwork. In a typical Montessori classroom, art appreciation is part of the daily curriculum. By studying various artists and their techniques, students are able to embrace their own creativity and create their own masterpieces all while learning a little bit about art history as well. Most often, one […]


13 Ideas for a Montessori-Inspired Easter Basket

Are you as excited as we are that spring is FINALLY here? While it may still be chilly in some areas of the country, the warm and sunny days of spring are coming soon – and we’re ready to get out there and enjoy it. But it seems as though less and less kids are […]


8 Everyday Items to Support Toddler Independence

In just a couple of months, my son will be turning 2-years-old. As a parent, I am sure you can relate to the magnitude of emotions this brings. A parent, in reference to children growing up, surely must have coined the term “bittersweet.” Parenting is, without a doubt, the most incredible journey of constant learning, stretching, […]


Liebster Award

I want to extend a special thank you to I Believe in Montessori for nominating Montessori Rocks! for the Liebster award. We are very grateful to have been nominated and graciously accept! While perusing all of the details of accepting this award, I learned that it is a great way to increase awareness of your blog […]


End the “Good Job” Crisis with These 3 Secrets

While I was having dinner at a local family restaurant the other night, I couldn’t help but observe two moms, clearly close friends, and their clan of five small children crammed into one booth. As the mothers sat and had a conversation it was clear that their attention was not on the children. One mom […]


10 Ways to Show Compassion

Compassion is a character trait that is present in everyone, however it is also a trait that sometimes gets forgotten. This list of 10 different ways to show compassion, one for each letter of the word, is composed of easy ways that people of all ages can make an effort to show compassion during this […]


16 Montessori-Inspired Gifts for Ages 0 to 18

Are you tired of buying meaningless toys that become clutter and dust collectors after the holiday season? Here is a list of great ideas from Montessori educators, parents and students that fit Montessori’s planes of development. Let our list help you with choosing the right gift for the right age. We assure you that what […]


Guide Your Child to Set the Table in 6 Easy Steps

A great deal of teaching children in a Montessori way has to do with observing the child, and allowing them to make mistakes and problem solve to find their own solutions. As parents, we so often jump in to fix something for our children instead of letting them determine their own solution. More often than […]

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