Young pregnant mother and her little son, at home. Mother and little son sit on a floor. Mom tired to tidy up the house. Child scattered toys. Mess in the house

Five Big Mistakes to Avoid with Montessori at Home

by Holly Daniel If you are reading this you have probably decided to start practicing Montessori at home. First, I must say, congratulations! You have made an excellent choice for you and your toddler! Secondly, I want to warn you of a few problems new mamas in the Montessori world stumble upon. Like I mentioned […]

Father And Son Having Fun Playing On Sofa Together

Five Ways Montessori Made Me a Better Father

by Jeremey Clarke We know that Montessori methods offer young children the very best start in life. But could learning more about the Montessori approach be of benefit to parents too? Here are five ways Montessori made me a better father. Time I try to give my children the gift of time and I don’t […]

Toddler boy of 2 gardening and planting vegetable plants and flowers in garden, outdoors

How to Make a Vegetable Garden for Kids

by Ann Sanders Children love dirt! Gardening is a perfect excuse to get dirty! Gardening is also a major component of Practical Life that children learn to master in a Montessori environment. In addition to presenting amazing health benefits, gardening allows children to be engaged in a process that does not produce an immediate result. This teaches […]

Little blond boy learning brushing his teeth

Five Ways to Promote Montessori Toddler Independence

by Holly Daniel There is nothing better than when your toddler finally decides to master potty training, brushing their own teeth or dressing. Okay, it might be a bit sad to think of your toddler growing up, but after you calm down you will remember how much of your life you will get back by […]

Mom and young son with infant

Preparing Your Child for Changes

by Julia Gorham Children need to be prepared for changes ahead to make them feel secure. Children thrive on routine and on knowing what is happening next. During times of change, a little extra attention will go a long way in helping children deal with stress. Plan an hour or a half hour each week where your child has your […]

happy baby girl with fruits

12 Montessori Inspired Fun Ways to Sort Using 5 Senses

  By Melani Rayen Do you want your child to build a strong foundation for complex math problems at an early age? What I like the best, is that you don’t need any expensive items to teach these math skills. In fact, sorting comes naturally for younger children. They need not be taught to do so. […]

Little girls wipe their noses with tissues at school

Practical Life Activities to Help You Survive the Cold and Flu Season

By Anastasia Rehbein  A change of seasons brings a whole kaleidoscope of new emotions, feelings, colors, excitement and anticipation. Changes in nature create a special atmosphere in classrooms and call for new adventures and learning opportunities. However, it also means that our bodies have to adjust. In autumn and winter, there is less sun exposure, […]

How to Handle Unwanted Gifts as Montessori Parent

How to Handle Unwanted Gifts as a Montessori Parent

by Holly Daniel Well-meaning family can be hard to handle around the holidays. When you tell your mother-in-law over and over again that you do not want your toddler receiving any loud, flashy, plastic toys, you’d think you’d be in the clear. Some people just don’t listen. Here is what you should do to help […]

A little girl is happily standing with her Christmas present and is smiling and looking at the camera.

25 Under $25: Montessori Inspired Gifts for Any Child

by Amanda Konopaska Not sure what to tell relatives when they ask you for your child’s holiday wish list? Are you trying to avoid meaningless toys that become clutter and dust collectors after Christmas? Ages 0-6: The First Plane of Development Even though children ages zero to three are not clearly conscious of their learning, they are discovering who they are. […]

Teacher and children in classroom

What’s More Powerful than “Good Job”?

by June George Pretend you’re sitting in the corner of a classroom of 30 children, ages 3-6. Everyone is working contentedly at their own tables. There is a buzz in the air, but not one of chaos. Instead, it’s the quiet energy of independent children, picking their own tasks and following their interests. You’re so […]

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