Recess is NOT a Privilege

I am a highschool teacher, and if there is one thing I know about education it is that modern education is steeped in research and data. Teachers collect and examine data in formative assessments (checking to see if students are learning as we go) and summative assessments (checking to see if student learning is complete). […]


The Aha Moment: The Difference Between Knowing and Understanding

Growing up, there were many lessons in school that filled me with wonder. I was fascinated with the world around me and I had a voracious appetite to learn more. I’d absorb everything like a sponge and then eagerly share it with anyone who would listen. Nothing felt better than knowing the answer. I would […]


Reigniting Math: Connections Over Corrections and the Embrace of Wonderment

Easily, the most successful course I’ve developed over the last few years is one called Mathacadabra: The Magic of Math*. In it, students trace the mythological magic square from ancient China to Ben Franklin, use Fibonacci and the Golden Ratio to see if they’d have cut it as an Olympian supermodel in ancient Greece, test […]


Why We Montessori

When my daughter, Miss E was 2 1/2 I almost accidentally stumbled upon a local Montessori preschool and was thrilled she could attend at 33 months. With a December birthday, most traditional preschools wouldn’t enroll her until she was 3 but she could start the Children’s House preschool program at 33 months. Almost immediately I […]


Calm Bodies, Calm Minds

“Relax.” “Calm down.” “Just sit still.” We live in a busy, fast-paced world where we constantly move from one thing to another. Most children don’t know what it feels like to truly calm down, relax, and just sit still, yet these are requests they hear so often. I believe taking time to explicitly teach breathing […]


Help Me Help Myself

Article re-posted with permission from Maren Schmidt. Children from about age three are asking us to help them learn independence. Children want to learn how to do things on their own without adult supervision or permission. Even though at times we feel we have to help children constantly, in reality, children are asking us to […]


101 Things to Do This Spring with Your Child (That Don’t Involve Technology)

Think back to when you were a kid…playing outside until the street lights came on, jump roping to “Miss Mary Mack” climbing trees and playing hopscotch with all the neighborhood kids were typical activities. Nowadays technology has seemed to replace many of those activities we grew up learning to love. With the weather warming up […]


Top 10 Montessori Myths Uncovered

“We can’t afford it, it must only be for rich people.” “I am not going to pay for my child to play all day.” “The classrooms seem chaotic and the teachers never teach.” “Montessori is just for smart kids.” I could go on and on about the conversations I have heard among parents when hosting […]


A Real Montessorian’s Response to Scary Mommy’s ‘So, You Sent Your Kid to a Montessori School?’

As a Montessori teacher, advocate and blogger, I often spend time reading the works of others, dabbling in books about Montessori philosophy or working with teachers at various Montessori schools. As I came across the article, “So, You Sent Your Kid to a Montessori School?” I couldn’t help but click to see what it was […]


The Sixth Great Lesson: The Story of Montessori Rocks!

As Montessorians, we have all heard the many stories told to us throughout the Five Great Lessons. (For those of you not familiar with the Five Great Lessons, this is a great resource.) This story, our story, is much different. The story of Montessori Rocks is deeply rooted in one mother’s personal experiences and passion for […]

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