Six Truths To Accept In Becoming A More Confident Parent

Throughout my time as a Montessori teacher, I would often receive questions on what is the “right way” to do things and “how can I be more Montessori at home?” Parents were always asking how they could better educate themselves on the philosophy and become more of a Montessori parent. As I became a blogger […]


How a Montessori Adolescent Program Prepares Students for High School

I have taught the Montessori Adolescent Program now for six years, and can think of no better way to prepare today’s young adolescents for any upcoming high school experience, public or private. I have had administrators from high schools meet me and thank me for sending them such prepared, responsible and respectful students. It isn’t me […]


Tuition-Free Montessori, Yes please!

My first experience with the Montessori philosophy in education was in one of my teacher education classes. It was mentioned as a side note, and then we moved on to another topic. I then went on to teach in a wide variety of schools – from public to international. As a traditional public school educator, […]


A True Balancing Act: Technology and the Montessori Classroom

When I think of the presence of technology in a classroom, whether it be a traditional or Montessori classroom, one requirement comes to mind: Meaningful. If you watch carefully how public and private schools now market their schools (yes, they now have to market), you often hear things like “We have 1:1 technology!” or “Every […]


Break the Habit with Your Child: How to Choose Choices over Bribery

As a parent, I sometimes bribe my sweet, four-year-old daughter. Yes, the occasional “if you… then I’ll give you…” slips my lips. There are days when I’m beyond tired and stretched to my limits, but my daughter is still going full force. And yes, sometimes I’m so exhausted I can’t help but offer myself some […]


Preparing for Baby: 6 Reasons to Skip the Crib

Every new mom can surely relate to the magnitude of questions that one is presented with when having that mama glow and darling baby bump. “Are you having a boy or a girl?” “Honey, have you decided on a name yet?” “Will you be using cloth diapers?” “What theme are you doing in the nursery?” […]


End the “Good Job” Crisis with These 3 Secrets

While I was having dinner at a local family restaurant the other night, I couldn’t help but observe two moms, clearly close friends, and their clan of five small children crammed into one booth. As the mothers sat and had a conversation it was clear that their attention was not on the children. One mom […]


Set Goals with Your Child the Montessori Way

As adults we naturally set goals for ourselves throughout our lives, but never more so than at this time of the year. We understand that working toward a goal is an effective way to improve ourselves. Children set goals as well, but they do it as a natural part of the growing up process; children […]


Top 5 Reasons Why Montessori Works

As a Montessori parent and advocate, I can honestly say that I fell in love with Montessori at first sight. Over the years, I’ve watched my son benefit in so many ways because of his educational experiences. His love for learning, academic abilities, compassion and self-motivation are all qualities he’s attained from this superb form […]


Simply Montessori: How I Joined the Bandwagon

Becoming a Montessori Groupie… When I was a child, I unwittingly was an at-home Montessori student. You see, my mom started her career a Middle School teacher in the Detroit Public School system, but when my siblings and I came along, she decided to become a stay-at-home mom. She never really stopped teaching – it […]

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