father and daughter building something together

Homework or Work of the Home?

by Kari Headington For most of us, homework doesn’t enter our thoughts until the mid-elementary years and is typically thought of as worksheets and assignments that are given by the child’s teacher. That’s where we are different. Traditional homework emphasizes the repetition of rote behaviors rather than the development of understanding. These assignments limit the possibility […]

You know your kids are Montessori when

You know your kids are Montessori when…

 by Elizabeth Vice You know your kids are Montessori when your oldest will be graduating from the college of his dreams at 20 years old. His college offers a four-year bachelor’s degree in timber framing and a full progress of traditional historic preservation major class. And he’s at the top of his trades classes because of his […]

Father teaching sons how to use scissors

Scissor Secrets that Make Cutting Easy

Borrowed with permission from Kidsplaysmarter.com by Amy Smith Learning how to cut is a big milestone for your child and cutting skills are expected to be mastered by elementary school. Yet learning how to properly hold and manipulate scissors can be a challenging time for many kids. Give your child a fine motor boost  by teaching your child these Scissor […]

students working on difficult task

Montessori Grit

by Aimee Allen Many of us, in a quest for physical and mental fitness, in a desire to push ourselves through uncomfortable situations, and in pursuit of saying “I did it!” have taken to signing up for Spartan Races, Marathons, Warrior Dashes, Triathlons, Ragnar Relays, and 100 mile bike rides, etc. There is something about […]


The Aha Moment: The Difference Between Knowing and Understanding

Growing up, there were many lessons in school that filled me with wonder. I was fascinated with the world around me and I had a voracious appetite to learn more. I’d absorb everything like a sponge and then eagerly share it with anyone who would listen. Nothing felt better than knowing the answer. I would […]


Submit Your Blog, Share Your Montessori Voice

JOIN IN OUR EXCITEMENT…We are now accepting YOUR blog submissions! Have you always wanted to share your knowledge of Montessori? Now is YOUR chance! If you’re new to blogging, this process may feel a bit intimidating. If you’re an experienced blogger, this is great opportunity to expand your audience. No one has your exact experiences, […]


How Montessori Can Unlock ANY Child’s True Potential

I was recently speaking with a friend about how difficult it can be to help our kids avoid the mistakes we’ve made in life, or to achieve successes that we ourselves have not yet managed to achieve. I thought he put it beautifully when he said, “I want my ceiling to be their floor.” In […]

Children drawing on her note book.

Montessori from a Student’s Perspective

The summer is the perfect time to start thinking about the upcoming school year. It may seem crazy right? School just got out and you are headed to the zoo, parks and on play dates with other families but now is the time to do your research. With so many Montessori schools emerging both in […]


Montessori in Action: An 8th Grader’s Graduation Speech

Wow… eleven years! It has flown by so quickly. I won’t say it feels like yesterday when I walked through the front doors for the first time; I know that it was a little longer than that, but has it gone quickly. I won’t lie and tell you I knew that this was home from […]


And the winner of the Montessori Rocks T-shirt Design Contest is…

The votes have been tallied, and the winner of the Montessori Rocks T-shirt Design Contest is… Montessori – It’s Old School created by Katy Allen! Katy will get a free t-shirt featuring her very own design, and her design will be available for everyone to purchase in our Gear Store, launching this summer. Congrats Katy, […]

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