Why Our Society Needs Montessori Education

Maria Montessori after World War II said, “Establishing lasting peace is the work of education; all politics can do is keep us out of war.” One has to only turn on the news or open a newspaper to hear stories of murder, mayhem and carnage. These last few months, between the police shootings, the murders […]


Why Montessori Is For All Children

My son is currently 4-years-old, and is lucky enough to be attending a Montessori School here in Australia. It is a bit of a drive from our house, and with another baby on the way, it was a drive my husband and I were worried wouldn’t be viable next year. I have been looking at […]


Why You Should Send Your Child to a Montessori School

As the leader of a Montessori school, I feel that Montessori is the best form of education we can offer a child. Now this may seem biased, but hear me out. I wasn’t always a Montessorian. In fact, my career in education began as a teacher at a Detroit public school.  In this traditional system, […]


T-Shirt Design Contest & Giveaway

Do you love Montessori and wish there were more items designed that were inspiring to the Montessori community? Well, so do we! This is where YOU come in! As we are gearing up to open our Montessori Rocks! Gear store, we thought we might throw a little contest and giveaway into the mix. It’s quite […]


The Common Core and Montessori

As the administrator of a public Montessori charter school, I can’t even begin to explain the excitement on a parent’s face when I tell them that at our school their child can receive a Montessori education for free. I explain to them how a charter school receives funding much like any other public school. They […]


Montessori How-To: Color Mixing Wheel

Many young children enjoy expressing themselves through artwork. In a typical Montessori classroom, art appreciation is part of the daily curriculum. By studying various artists and their techniques, students are able to embrace their own creativity and create their own masterpieces all while learning a little bit about art history as well. Most often, one […]


13 Ideas for a Montessori-Inspired Easter Basket

Are you as excited as we are that spring is FINALLY here? While it may still be chilly in some areas of the country, the warm and sunny days of spring are coming soon – and we’re ready to get out there and enjoy it. But it seems as though less and less kids are […]


Preparing for Baby: 6 Reasons to Skip the Crib

Every new mom can surely relate to the magnitude of questions that one is presented with when having that mama glow and darling baby bump. “Are you having a boy or a girl?” “Honey, have you decided on a name yet?” “Will you be using cloth diapers?” “What theme are you doing in the nursery?” […]


Top 5 Reasons Why Montessori Works

As a Montessori parent and advocate, I can honestly say that I fell in love with Montessori at first sight. Over the years, I’ve watched my son benefit in so many ways because of his educational experiences. His love for learning, academic abilities, compassion and self-motivation are all qualities he’s attained from this superb form […]

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