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101 Things to Do This Spring with Your Child (That Don’t Involve Technology)

101 Things to Do This Spring with Your Child (That Don’t Involve Technology)


Think back to when you were a kid…playing outside until the street lights came on, jump roping to “Miss Mary Mack” climbing trees and playing hopscotch with all the neighborhood kids were typical activities. Nowadays technology has seemed to replace many of those activities we grew up learning to love.

With the weather warming up and the sun beginning to shine a bit more, we wanted to put together a list of ideas that involve the good ole’ outdoors (with a few inside ideas too). It’s time to have a technology time-out and truly enjoy what nature has to offer.

In Your Own Backyard:

1. Plant an herb garden together.
2. Dance in the rain. (and jump in puddles)
3. Get creative with sidewalk chalk.
4. Jump rope to your favorite rhymes.
5. Have a picnic.
6. Wash the family car together.
7. Find shapes in the clouds together.
8. Climb trees.
9. Blow bubbles.
10. Dig for worms.
11. Build a backyard swing.
12. Plant vegetables.
13. Paint and decorate flower pots.
14. Create a fairy garden.
15. Take a nap outside in the shade.
16. Make a birdbath.
17. Paint a fence.
18. Paint a pet rock.
19. Make a bird feeder.
20. Camp in a tent.
21. Create a scavenger hunt.
22. Play hopscotch.
23. Build an ant farm.
24. Create an obstacle course.
25. Play in a sandbox.
26. Make a leaf scrapbook.
27. Hang clothes to dry on a clothesline.
28. Make mud pies.
29. Have a sack race.
30. Hula hoop.
31. Make a compost.
32. Make a stepping stone for a garden.
33. Practice cartwheels.
34. Play frisbee.
35. Build a bonfire.
36. Roast marshmallows.
37. Play Hide and Go Seek.
38. Build a garden labyrinth.
39. Have a Lemonade Stand.
40. Make sun tea.
41. Water the gardens.
42. Weed the gardens.
43. Backyard bowl with recycled bottles.
44. Play tag.
45. Make a dandelion crown.

In the Community:

46. Feed the ducks at a local park.
47. Jog or walk around your neighborhood.
48. Go for a bike ride.
49. Fly a kite.
50. Go fishing.
51. Shop at a local farmer’s market
52. Visit a petting zoo.
53. Take a hike together.
54. Attend a little league game and bring your own peanuts.
55. Visit a local nursery and pick out flowers together.
56. Hug a tree.
57. Birdwatch
58. Make a nature collage.
59. Catch and release frogs.
60. Make a map of your neighborhood.
61. Find the perfect marshmallow roasting stick.
62. Roller Skate.
63. Visit a fire station.
64. Go horseback riding.
65. Hunt for animal tracks.
66. Pick up trash around your neighborhood.
67. Go to the dog park.
68. Make an art project with nature.
69. Smell the flowers.
70. Skip rocks.
71. Visit the local library for story time.
72. Visit an (indoor or outdoor) water park.
73. Visit an animal shelter.
74. Visit a museum.
75. Attend a FREE kids workshop at Home Depot.
76. Go bowling.
77. Take a penny walk
78. Visit  a trampoline park such as “Sky Zone.”

Inside the Home:

79. Set the table properly.
80. Make a couch cushion fort.
81. Wash windows together.
82. Bake together.
83. Dye easter eggs.
84. Make your family’s favorite recipe.
85. Help prepare for a yard sale.
86. Make puppets and put on a show.
87. Make homemade jam.
88. Watch old movies.
89. Learn some magic tricks.
90. Play a board game.
91. Make ice cream.
92. Play a card game.
93. Research the vernal equinox.
94. Make a birdhouse.
95. Play I-spy.
96. Research summer camps together.
97. Exercise together.
98. Make play-doh.
99. Write a book.
100. Color.
101. Host a play date.

What is your favorite springtime activity to do with your children? Help us build our list!

Some Toughts (2)

  1. Tiasha
    added on 27 Mar, 2016

    Minus “watch old movies” this is a great, tech-free list 😉 Maybe dress up and act out your own show/movie would be a good replacement!

    • Amanda
      added on 28 Mar, 2016


      Acting is a great one to add to the list! Thanks for sharing!

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