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Backyard Series: Be a Botanist

Backyard Series: Be a Botanist

Backyard Series: Be a Botanist - Adult gardening with child“There is not a spring of grass that shoots uninteresting to me.”

Thomas Jefferson

My mom has a green thumb, I frequently need her help to keep my gardens green and growing! Both of my children enjoy planting seeds in the spring and watching them grow, we currently have a small pumpkin patch in our yard that started out as a science fair project to test which greenhouse color, green or clear, would help a plant grow at a faster rate. Sunflower seeds have been sprinkled along the fence and we check daily to see if any breaking through! Planting is a great way to get everyone involved in the process of observing and getting their hands dirty.

Are you ready to become a backyard botanist?  Here are some great ways to become a Backyard Botanist.

  1. Create a milk crate garden. These are great for small spaces!
    1. Plastic milk crates, you can purchase these or find them locally
    2. Landscaping fabric or these liners
    3. Soil
    4. Seedlings
  2. Recycle cans and plant a window herb garden
    1. Grab a few cans from the recycle bin
    2. Fill them with soil
    3. Plant your favorite herbs, you can start from seeds or purchase starter plants
    4. Grab some twine, cardboard, and markers
    5. Make labels for your garden and wrap them around the cans
    6. Place them in your window sill
  3. Visit your local arboretum, garden, or a similar location and go on a scavenger hunt!

Here is a great  list of books to pick up at your local library to learn more about botany and gardening:

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