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Five Big Mistakes to Avoid with Montessori at Home

Five Big Mistakes to Avoid with Montessori at Home

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If you are reading this you have probably decided to start practicing Montessori at home. First, I must say, congratulations! You have made an excellent choice for you and your toddler! Secondly, I want to warn you of a few problems new mamas in the Montessori world stumble upon.

Like I mentioned above there are some crucial mistakes first-time Montessori mamas can make and I want to be sure to steer you clear of them. How do I know you ask, well I’ve been a newbie too. ????

Buying every Montessori material possible.

This one is a big one, hence why I put it at the top. If you have read my blog you know I am a minimalist, but even I have fallen victim to the consumerism trap within the walls of Montessori. I’ve said this before and I will say it again, focus on the Montessori mindsets, not all the fancy materials.

Overthinking each activity.

When you decide you are going to put together some elaborate activity or material for your child and you spend hours, days or weeks putting it together only to find your child is not interested, it hurts, bad. Do yourself a favor and follow your child’s lead, if they have an interest in that type of activity, craft on mama! If not, wait it out. They may be ready one day soon.

Comparing your child’s development with another child’s.

I’m sure you have heard this by now and it is much much easier said than done, but it is so very important. In order to let your child succeed you must let them do it in their own time. Pushing them to complete a task that they aren’t ready for because your friend’s child has already done it, is not going to end well. It will most likely create resistance toward the task, further prolonging their development. So again, follow YOUR child’s lead.

Letting your child get bored.

While letting your child get bored is important for their imagination, you do NOT want them to get bored with their Montessori materials. If you are not sure where your child’s interests lie then you will have a hard time finding activities and materials to engage with. I suggest looking up age-appropriate activities that will keep your toddler engaged. In the eBook, A Montessori Inspired Life you get access to seven age-appropriate activity lists that will help keep your toddler focused.

Not letting your child clean or cook.

Montessori at home can be made very simple by incorporating practical life tasks. I have mentioned practical life skills several times before but it is because I believe in them so much. They give your child the opportunity to learn, engage and become independent, just what every mother hopes for! If you aren’t including practical life skills in your Montessori home you are missing out!

Correcting these five common mistakes will ensure an easy transition into Montessori at home.

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