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12 Montessori Inspired Fun Ways to Sort Using 5 Senses

12 Montessori Inspired Fun Ways to Sort Using 5 Senses

12 ways to sort



Do you want your child to build a strong foundation for complex math problems at an early age?

What I like the best, is that you don’t need any expensive items to teach these math skills. In fact, sorting comes naturally for younger children. They need not be taught to do so.

Plus, they are self-correcting, which the Montessori philosophies keep emphasizing. These sorting activities are simple to do with very little prep work and it is so perfect for a lazy Sunday. mornings.

Why sorting?

  • You help your toddler understand that there are same and different objects.
  • It becomes easy for your toddler to compare and contrast.
  • Your toddler gets the idea of what is less and more (indirectly).
  • When your child sorts it, it is easy to count, add and divide (later).

What should you keep in mind when sorting?

Start with concrete sorting (real objects) rather than abstract sorting (just printables).

Begin with one attribute and then move onto sorting by different attributes. Evolve from easy to hard.

For example:

  1. Sort tomatoes from onions.
  2. Sort grapes from plums.
  3. Sort vegetables from fruits. This is called sorting by groups.

Sorting examples and ideas to be inspired

size sorting    visual sorting    taste sorting    smell sorting sound sorting    thermic sorting  money sorting  tactile sorting

How to extend this activity for an older child?

Use two or more attributes to sort or use tongs, tweezers or spoons during the activities.

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