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Submit Your Blog, Share Your Montessori Voice

Submit Your Blog, Share Your Montessori Voice


JOIN IN OUR EXCITEMENT…We are now accepting YOUR blog submissions!

Have you always wanted to share your knowledge of Montessori? Now is YOUR chance!

If you’re new to blogging, this process may feel a bit intimidating. If you’re an experienced blogger, this is great opportunity to expand your audience. No one has your exact experiences, stories or knowledge… This is an incredible opportunity to share a piece of YOU with our Montessori community. This guide will answer all of your questions and put you at ease, no matter your level of expertise.

So, who are you writing to?

Montessori Parents are our primary target audience. The purpose of Montessori Rocks! is to bring together Montessori “groupies” from all walks of life to talk openly about their Montessori experiences, expertise, and the knowledge they have gained from Maria Montessori’s time-proven educational method.

This is where you come in! Whether you are a parent, educator or student, we are looking for your advice, knowledge and insight into the world of Montessori to share with new and veteran parents alike!

Your blog post should be SHORT and sweet!

More often than not, we get going on a topic and before we know it there are 3,000 words typed… This is great if we were writing a chapter in a book, but not a blog post.

Blog posts must be kept short in order to keep the reader’s attention and not make it feel like a daunting read that is bound to be bookmarked for later and never clicked on again. We’ve all been guilty of doing that!

[pullquote align=”full” cite=”” link=”” color=”” class=”” size=”30″]Please keep your post to 1,000 words max. [/pullquote]

The Goal of Your Blog Post

Identify one Montessori concept to embrace in your post. Whether it’s focusing on children’s independence, the prepared environment or another topic specific to Montessori, we want you to share your passion. What do you love about Montessori? What do you want parents to benefit from your post? Keep these thoughts at the forefront when you put together your piece. Speak from the heart and share your love for Montessori.

Be Catchy

Think about what makes you read a particular article. Work to grab the attention of your audience in the beginning of your piece and hook them into reading the rest of your writing.

Be Thoughtful

Allow your audience to understand that you know where they are coming from and work to connect this understanding throughout your piece.

Be Direct

How can they achieve success in their daily life with the knowledge you are sharing?

Be Honest

Most parents are likely reading our blog seeking advice and guidance to adapt to Montessori in their own lives. Think about what sold you on your content and share it.

Be Thought-Provoking

Ask your audience to respond to your article and how they may have benefited from reading your piece.

Be Your Own Critic

Read and re-read your piece, remove all of the “fluff” and filler words. Read your piece out loud and make sure that your message is clear to your audience.

Create a “Must Click” Headline

Creating a headline that makes readers want to learn more is SUPER important when writing your blog. We suggest doing this after you’ve written your article, but there is no right way to do it. If you’re inspired and come up with a catchy headline before you start writing, by all means, go for it!


  1. How To  “How To Create a Peace Corner ”
  2. Why “Why You Should Send Your Child to a Montessori School”
  3. List “8 Ways to Make Your Home More Montessori”
  4. Secret “The #1 Secret to Using Descriptive Praise”
  5. For (BLANK) Who Want (BLANK) “For Parents Who Want an Independent Child”

Are you ready to submit? Make sure to include…

  1. Your Complete Blog with a “Must Click” Headline
  2. Relevant Images to embed within the blog post. (Please send .jpeg or. png files only.)
  3. A Short & Sweet Bio (150 words or less). Feel free to include links to your social media accounts or personal website.
  4. A Professional Headshot

[pullquote align=”full” cite=”” link=”” color=”” class=”” size=””]Please submit all of the components above to: amanda@montessorirocks.org[/pullquote]

We can’t wait to hear YOUR Montessori voice!

All blogs will be reviewed within seven business days of submission. If your blog post is chosen to be published, you will be contacted with a preview link before your article goes live on the Montessori Rocks! website.

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