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Assessment in Montessori: Is it necessary?

Assessment in Montessori: Is it necessary?

Photo for Assessment in MontessoriRegardless of the type of Montessori school, you may attend, assessments will be a part of the curriculum.  As a matter of fact, observation is a critical skill and component of a Montessori teacher.  Every day the teacher observes and assesses the child in front of them.  Sometimes it is only observation.  Sometimes it is the completion of a work, both concrete and abstract to fulfill the required work.  Sometimes the assessment is within a rubric, and other times a test may be completed on paper.

So, to answer the initial question – yes, your child will always be answering and completing assessments even when they are unaware of the one assessing their work.  At a public Montessori school, state tests are given yearly and must be taken by students in every public school, including charter schools.

These State exams are used for accountability, student growth and achievement, and planning for each school to improve the learning environment.  It is important to remember that assessments are inevitable and are a part of the child’s and the adult’s life.  Montessori schools prepare the child for life.  Learning and assessment and preparing the environment for success in life all go hand in hand.  So, to answer the question, yes your Montessori child will take assessments and will find success in meeting and exceeding the expectations placed on them in school so they can do the same in life.

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